I’ve always loved a good story.

Telling one, hearing one, watching one unfold.

There are several ways I tell stories. Painting, for instance, fulfills me like little else. Writing, too – I see it as painting, only with words. Rarely am I more at peace with the world than when parked in front of my easels, brushes in hand, or laptop, fingers feverishly tapping away on its keyboard.

Yet, I also feel most at home when furthest from it. My extensive travels around our globe and across these United States inspire me to tell, hear, and watch new stories through my painting, picture-taking, and writing. Travel itself, I believe, can also tell a story: of where and who we’ve been, are, and perhaps are headed.

Whenever possible, I enthusiastically advocate for animal welfare, the performing arts, and environmental conservation. My work is often a reflection of these and other causes I hold dear.

Erik Scalavino

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